The Essential Charlie Chaplin - Vol. 9: Behind Bars/The Rink/Easy Street/The Cure/The Immigrant

The Essential Charlie Chaplin - Vol. 9: Behind Bars/The Rink/Easy Street/The Cure/The Immigrant

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The Essential Charlie Chaplin - Vol. 9

The Essential CHARLIE CHAPLIN COLLECTION...a must-have for any fan or film buff's library. This definitive collection of 12-DVDs contains 57 of Chaplin's legendary early films in chronological order...a true historical legacy of the greatest comedian who ever lived. COVERS CHAPLIN'S WORK AT KEYSTONE, ESSANAY, MUTUAL AND FIRST NATIONAL FILM COMPANIES. * Beautifully animated DVD menus * Alternate soundtracks available on certain DVDs; pick from the original soundtrack or an old movie projector track * Mastered from the highest quality original material available. * Detailed liner notes on each film, including original release date Behind The Screen (Mutual Comedy 11/13/1916) [20:03] Charlie is an assistant to a carpenter at a movie studio, and does all the heavy work, but gets no recognition. Charlie promises to help a girl, who has sneaked into the studio to get a part in the movies. Dressed like a carpenter the girl gets a job working next to Charlie. Charlie flirts with the girl and his boss catches him kissing "him." The Rink (Mutual Comedy 12/4/1916) [19:40] Charlie is a clumsy waiter, but he lives another more graceful life as a skater at a nearby rink. He meets a girl there and saves her from the unwelcome attentions of one of his restaurant customer. The girl invites Charlie to her skating party and he makes a grand entrance in top hat and tails, but again encounters the nasty customer. A riot on roller skates occurs, but Charlie escapes... Easy Street (Mutual Comedy 1/22/1917) [18:52] Charlie is a bum who enters a mission and is reformed by a minister and mission girl. He becomes a policeman. Tough guys have managed to keep cops off Easy Street by beating them up...Charlie's new beat. He meets the gang leader and strikes him on the head with his nightstick with no effect, but the tough guy is outsmarted by Charlie and is hauled off to jail. The tough guy escapes jail though, and comes after the cop that busted him. The Cure (Mutual Comedy 4/16/1917) [19:17] Charlie decides that he should partake in a "water cure" at a spa and there he meets a girl and a man with gout. The poor man's foot is never safe with Charlie around. Charlie brought with him bottles of liquor, of which a bellboy finds and partakes. The manager catches him and forces him to empty the bottles...right into the "curative waters." The rest of the guests go wild after sampling the water. The Immigrant (Mutual Comedy 6/17/1917) [23:47] Charlie is an immigrant on a ship headed for America. He gives his money to a woman and her daughter after their money is stolen. Once in America, Charlie is penniless. He finds a coin, which returns to the ground through a hole in his pocket. Still believing he has some money he goes to get something to eat and runs into the girl from the ship, and learns that her mother has died. Charlie finds that he has no money to pay for his meal but is saved by using a nearby table's tip to pay for their meal.

Condition: This DVD is in very good condition, is only missing the original cover.

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