Monsieur Verdoux Charles Chaplin DVD

Monsieur Verdoux Charles Chaplin DVD

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Monsieur Verdoux
Charles Chaplin 

Charles Chaplin turns his traditionally sunny sensibilities inside out with this sublime black comedy about a family man who secretly uses murder to support his beloved invalid wife and child. There's little of the immortal Tramp in Verdoux, yet the fastidious dandy is not lacking in comic graces. Most hilarious of all are the always-foiled attempts to dispatch the raucous Annabella (Martha Raye). When this most atypical Chaplin film opened, the world was not ready to look death in the face and walk away smiling. Today, Monsieur Verdoux ranks among Chaplin's best works. It is killer comedy.  

 Condition: This DVD is in very good condition, is only missing the original cover.

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