Buster Keaton Collection Disc One DVD

Buster Keaton Collection Disc One DVD

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Buster Keaton Collection

Considered by many the greatest of cinema's silent clowns, Buster Keaton was a consummate practitioner of physical comedy. Although labeled the "Great Stone Face," Keaton found tremendous eloquence in his deadpan style with the alert and expressive eyes, lithe acrobat's body and that air of grace described by critic James Agee as "a fine, still and dreamlike beauty." This TCM Archives 2-disc celebration of Keaton's art puts the spotlight on his MGM period. The Cameraman (1928), remastered with a new score by Arthur Barnow, and Spite Marriage (1929) are among Keaton's funniest silents, while Free and Easy (1930) is his first talkie. These films marked a peak in his popularity with audiences; however, Keaton resented the loss of artistic control he had enjoyed in his earlier movies and was on the brink of a major career decline that he blamed on studio interference. This watershed period in Keaton's life is the basis for film historian Kevin Brownlow's poignant new documentary So Funny It Hurts: Buster Keaton at MGM, completing a DVD collection which offers keen insight into what makes Keaton's unique style of comedy hilarious, moving and timeless.

      Condition: This DVD is in very good condition, is only missing the original cover.

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